Afternoon Of Passion

I have long fantasized about my wife's hot friend, Linda. Whereas my wife, Maggie, is tall and slim, Linda is shorter with incredible curves, possessing absolutely perfect breasts and a simply tantalizing butt. Recently, Linda went through a painful, protracted divorce, during which time she spent many an evening at our home, leaning on us for emotional support and wine. Apparently, during the last several years of her marriage, Linda and her loser husband hardly ever had sex as he lacked the drive. Needless to say, the thought of my wife's hot friend being so sexually pent up did nothing to quell my fantasies. Maggie and I have been friends with Linda for over fifteen years, so it was not at all surprising to find Linda and Maggie chatting in our den when I got home early from work. What did surprise, no, "shock," me was that Maggie and Linda were casually chatting while watching one of our favorite adult movies. The girls had removed some of their clothing, occasionally touching each other. Sensing an opportunity to witness something memorable, I remained in the hallway, keeping my presence a secret and affording myself the perfect vantage point for the growing intimacy between Linda and Maggie. As they continued to get more intimate, I decided I had seen enough and I immediately peeled off my clothes and entered the room; figuring the shock of my presence would be overcome by the lust of the moment. Thankfully, I was right. After we had all recovered, my wife admitted that she and Linda had been intimate for several months and were nervous about whether to tell me about their relationship. Needless to say, after our afternoon of passion, none of us were ever nervous again!

— Kyle, 42

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