Sister's Mother-In-Law

One day, I went to my sister's house to feed her cat as she and her husband were on vacation. When I got there, her mother-in-law was also there checking the house, or so she said. We talked for a few minutes about me being captain of the football team. She asked If we all took shower together, and I told her that we did. She then asked If I had ever taken a shower with a female. I told her I had not and she invited me to take one with her. She was in her high forties and very pretty, so I said sure. When we got In the shower, she began washing me. When we finished showering and dried off, we went to my sister's bed and started over. I had the best sex ever with her that day we spent the whole day there; most of the time in bed. We have developed a relationship. Her husband died two years ago and she is now my mistress. I do everything she tells me to do. She loves to dress me in her panties and make love. I have also been introduced to a few of her friends who have seen me in her under things. They have all spanked me and have had some sort of sex with me. My sister does not know about all of this.

— Micah, 19

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