Met On The Beach

I liked to run on the beach; it is a good place to run. I also get a peek at some hot babes sunning on the beach. One afternoon, I saw a lady and it was obvious her top was untied. Just as I passed by on my run back to my house, she rose up and it fell off. I stopped and got a good look at her and her large breasts. She looked up, saw me staring, and just smiled. A couple of days later, I saw her untied again. I stopped and jokingly said, "When I come back, I would love another peek at those girls of yours." On my return, she was sitting up with a towel around her breasts. As I got to her, she lowered it and exposed them again. I told her to tie them back and follow me to my place, never thinking she really would. I have always been pretty dominating with women. When we got to my place, she came in and I told her to remove her top. I was so hot for her! I had never found a woman as submissive as she was. I told her she had been very naughty and that she would have to be spanked for her naughtiness. She lowered her head and said, "Yes sir, I was very bad." She was soon over my knee receiving a spanking. I told her that if she wanted to continue our new found relationship, she would have to be my slave for life. We were married seven months later and she is doing so well at serving me. I also found out she had a job that paid very good, so I allowed her to continue her work and we have a great life together. She told me she had looked for a dominate man for years and that her father (who I have met and told him about our relationship) used to spank her even when she was in her twenties. He has told me of her mother who has been his slave for over forty-five years now. Often, we get together and trade off our slaves; not for sex, but for fun. The girls love it. Our baby daughter is going to be born in about two months.

— Frank, 29

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