Reality Exceeds The Imagination

Once in college, I had a class with a girl that was engaged to be married. I always lusted after her from afar. We became good friends through the semester. Well, luck would have it that we would have a class together the next semester. We only knew each other and began to study together. We got closer through the studying that we did at each other's house. One night, she called me and asked me to come over because she needed help with a problem. I thought nothing of it and went to see her. When I got there, she answered the door in a sexy little nightgown. She told me that the problem was her fiancé refused to have sex until they were married and that she was tired of waiting. She pulled me inside with a delicate, soft kiss. She sat me down on her couch and proceeded to give me the best oral sex I have ever had. She then led me by the hand to her bedroom. She removed her nightgown and revealed the most beautiful body I had ever seen. I had imagined this girl naked for a long time, but reality far exceeded my imagination. She had the perfect everything. The sex was great, and she calls me back every week to "help with a problem."

— Todd, 24

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