My Sweet Panties

I have been wearing panties since I was very young. I think the whole thing started when I had to wear leotards for a school play. I used to take my mom's, aunt's, and cousin's panties, wear them, and take care of business in them. I used to feel very ashamed and that I was the only man in the world who liked wearing panties. I have since learned that it is more common than most people would think. A couple of weeks ago, I threw out all of my male underwear and now wear sexy panties 24/7. I buy most of my panties online. I am not gay and I love women. My hope is to meet a woman who will accept me as I am, because I will not give up something that makes me happy. Clothes are really unisex nowadays, because most women wear jeans and other clothing items designed for a man. People don't think twice about what a woman wears. It's time for equal rights for us guys! So guys ... throw out all your guy underwear and wear panties all the time!

— Stephan, 49

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