The Game

Lori and I had been dating for about a year and we had great sex. She loved to do almost everything a guy could ask for. Last month, she suggested a game she thought of and told me that if I would play it, I would love it. The game was for each of us to put in separate boxes notes that we wanted the other to do or to act out. I thought that would be a great game. I forgot that I would be doing things to. The rules were that we would not be allowed to take pictures or be naked outside the house. Things went great; we would meet on Tuesdays and draw from the box. She would be the first to draw and I would draw the next Tuesday. Her draw was not to be revealed until Friday night, when she would get to the house before me and get ready. When I got home Friday, I looked for her. She was in the kitchen dressed in a French Maid outfit and had to serve me all night, including sex. It was a great night. The only problem was that my best friend Jack stopped by. He saw her in the outfit and went nuts. He was embarrassed at first and so was she. After he left, she swore that I had invited him over. I tried to explain that I did not even know what she would be wearing or doing. The next Tuesday, I drew. When she came home Friday night, she walked in to find me kneeling at the door with only her pink panties on and a bow tie. She told me that for the evening she would be my Mistress and I would call her that and do everything she said just as the note had already told me. We were deep into the game when her friend Odette walked in the door with me on my knees in front of Lori. I started to run and Lori said, "Stay on your knees Sissy slave." Odette asked what was up, as if she did not know. Lori asked if she wanted me to service her and Odette said she had just had sex with her boyfriend. Lori said that did not matter and I was ordered to move to Odette.

— Jack, 27

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