We Made Constant Sex

Okay, here's the deal. My stepfather brought home a distant twenty-three-year-old second cousin who I had never met before. So, one day when we're all alone in my house (we'll be alone for three days), we decide to take a little swim in the pool. She has on a hot, fire-red bikini with a strap tie on the back. We start talking and saying how we really like each other and all. Then, as I jump off the diving board, I swim to her. As I swim around her back, my watch gets caught with her bikini strap. So, I yank it off quickly, and her bikini top comes off. I try to say sorry, but she looks incredible. She gets out of the pool and takes off her bikini bottoms! She tells me how she's wanted me since the first time she met me. We start making out and then go into the house. We got as far as the kitchen table. You could hear pots and pans falling! Then my twenty-two-year-old neighbor comes through the back door to see what was wrong because she had heard noises. She decides to join in on the action. The girls start kissing, and then I start kissing. Then we had the best threesome ever! After that, we jumped into the shower and made out. The girls slept over, too. Then, for the next three days, we made constant sex. Now that my step-cousin is gone, my neighbor and I still have these little sleepovers, even though she has to wait until her husband falls asleep to come over.

— Carmine, 24

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