Crush On Mother-In-Law

I don't have any story and I didn't have sex with my wife's mother. It's just thoughts that I would like to share here. I am thirty-five. I love my wife and two kids, both sons. My mother-in-law is fifty-two years old at present, quite tall with a very firmed and curved figure. She has very long hair below her butt, which really attracts me, especially right after her taking shower. She has big breasts too, must be 38. My wife is not even 32 and that is the main reason for me to be attracted towards her mother. I wish one day she would give me a chance to have sex with her. In the culture I belong to, is not such that your mother-in-law kisses or hugs you at all. So, it's very difficult for me to make a move. But I think she prefers me over her other son-in-law. Not for sex, but for other normal stuff. I noticed quite a number of times that she always looked at me when she makes a joke in front of whole family. I have seen her half nude breasts and bra quite a number of times from her low neckline while she was bending over to pick things up. She has such huge breasts that you can see her cleavage even when she sits up straight. She asked my wife number of times to ask me to spend weekend at her home, which I rarely do. For the last two or three weeks, I have decided that enough is enough and I should make a move. I have started rubbing her firmed breasts with back of my hand while taking my younger son (who is one year old) from her. I have successfully done that twice and she noticed it when I did it the last time. I haven't got any reply from her yet. I need a clue from her, some indication, some encouragement so that I can go ahead and satisfy my lust.

— Sanjay, 35

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