Slumber Party

When I was younger, my older sister would have her friends stay overnight occasionally. We lived in an old farm house and our rooms were downstairs with very thin walls and lights that were pull string style. One night, mom and dad were in town and sis had two of her friends over for the night. I had been hearing them laugh and giggle for a while, so I looked through a small crack in the wall between our rooms and saw them playing cards on her bed. All three of them were nude. I quickly began taking care of my raging needs, when the two friends came through the short hallway on their way up to the bathroom. They clicked the light on and caught me in action. I, of course, jumped about six feet up, yelled, "Go away!" and heard them giggle all the way upstairs. When they came down, they stopped by my doorway and one said, "Nice, by the way." I was totally embarrassed. Soon though, they came into my room, still nude, and asked to see my stuff. Well, after some encouragement, I realized I needed relief and I was in fact looking at naked girls!! So, I proceeded to give them a forty-five second show. I started doing the two friends that weekend, together and separately, for more than five years.

— Bill, 44

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