Bras Morning And Night

I have been putting bras on since I was a teenager. My mom's was my first. I love having one on. I have excess breast fat/tissue. Lately I have put one on every morning and every night. I have a black demi on right now. I use push up pads to fill out the 38-C cups and I can have some nice cleavage. I can't pass up a mirror without looking to see how sexy I look. When it warms up this summer, I'll go all the way; bra, pads, panties, black fish nets or sheer nylons, and one of my cute, sexy, babydolls. I love it! I wish my ex-Asian wife could see me "all dressed up." She caught me once and our marriage was over. Oh well! Now I can "dress up" as often as I want and I do! Love to!

— Howard, 68

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