Late Payments

A few years ago, my wife and I were vacationing in the islands. I got involved with the locals and, on a daily basis, would go down to the city watering hole and play some cards. It was a mix of people at the bar and the later it got, the seedier it got. The wife and I would go early and have some drinks and food; I played some cards and we would be out by midnight. On this one occasion, a rainstorm was coming through and we could not get a taxi to take us back to our hotel. To pass the time, I played cards and my wife played pool. We kept on drinking throughout the night. When the storm finally blew through, we were just getting into the cab when the club attendant told us there was a large bill to pay. Turns out my drunken wife had been betting on the pool games. I had no money to cover this tab; I needed to get back to the hotel where I had left my credit cards for safety reasons. I tried to reason with the three owners to let me go and get my cards so I could settle up the bill. They said, "No problem, you go and your wife stays. If you come back tonight, she goes back with you after you settle up. If you do not come back tonight, your wife is your late payment." I never made it back until late the next day. When I arrived at the club, I was told that she was at the owner's house. I was to be taken there and she could go back with me after the debt was cleared. When we arrived, we entered the huge home and in one of the bedrooms was my wife in bed with the owner of the club and his two assistants. They were all still in the nude from the night before. I was settling up when the owner told my wife she had to take him one more time. He told me I could stay and watch, or leave the room. My wife asked me to stay and hold her hand. I could not be so close; I was appalled this was happening to us. She did what she had to and took him that one last time. We have only spoken about this recently, about one month after we got back home.

— Matthew, 45

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