Hey folks, I've a weird confession to make. I had a yearning for my mother-in-law; our houses were in same street and as such, we almost lived together. My desire to seduce my wife's mother took more grounds, and to rope in her for sexcapdes, I started exposing myself to her in many possible ways. First, it was in the shower when I knew she would come into the bath. She blushed seeing me full nude. For a few days, she avoided eye-contact. But, one evening when I was in her house with my wife and knowing she was in next room watching TV, I intentionally started sex session with my wife, trying to tempt my mother-in-law for romp with me. After my wife went to take a shower, I just strolled in the buff to give a visual feast to my mother-in-law. I just stood looking at her staring at my manhood; she just turned around to go. I took all the dare I could muster, I came near her, and kissed her lips and told her that I love her. As I hugged her, to my great surprise, she held me hard and said in my ear that she really cares for me and she will do anything to please me. That was enough for me; I thanked God that he gave me such a great wife and mother-in-law. Within a week, I set the stage for rendezvous with her for three hours by sending my father-in-law and spouse to a movie. I explored all the laws of love, sex, and ecstasy and gave her back the same. I still experience today the sweetness of enjoying my wife and her mother; it's like eating a cake and having another in hand always. Good luck to all those who admire their beautiful, compassionate mother-in-laws.

— Kirin, 35

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