Busted In Front Of The Guys

I had been in a long-term relationship when my mother asked me to move her out of the apartment she was living in for several years. I went as good sons do, and my mother had an old girlfriend there to help. Imagine that. We were put in charge of packing the bedroom. So, of course, as the man I am, I took advantage of the fact. I found it to be something I was interested in, and the affair continued for close to ninety days. While my live-in gal was working nights, I would sneak off to this other girl's. I would allow my live-in to get out of bed each day and prepare me lunch four hours after she had gotten in the house. Then I would nap most of the evening after work so to have the energy to play all night with the other old chick. Then the affair chick offered me drugs to make my day not so long. I began to use. Then my live-in girl said, "I know there is something wrong, and I believe it is drugs." She talked to my best friend, and she was preparing to leave me. The affair grew until I was caught red-handed. My live-in love was so heartbroken that she purchased her own place and told me she was moving. I weighed the affair to the lady, who was cooking and cleaning, and said, "What the hell am I doing?" So, I begged the girl I was mad about to give me a second chance. I broke it off with the one I was playing with. The girl I was madly in love with let me move to her new home. We were there for two days and she bought me new boots. She continued to work nights, and I began to play with this girl again. She took me aside at my break area at work about a month later on my birthday. She informed me that she had made me one promise when we first decided to live together and asked if I remembered what that was. I stated, "Not really." She said she had asked one promise from me, also, and did I remember that? I admitted that I didn't remember. She politely reminded me, "I asked you to never cheat and to leave if you wanted another. You asked me to never make you look stupid." I looked puzzled. I'm sure I was lost as to why she was saying this at my work of all places. She said, "Well, I have never cheated, and you are caught again. This time it was flowers and a shirt from your work. Remember those new boots I bought you when we moved?" I stated, "Yes, what about them?" "Well, I followed the 'Harley Davidson' tracks in the snow right to the girl's door, and she gave me the shirt and the flowers. She also told me your mother paid her a hundred dollars to get you in trouble with me. Hey, I kept my promise to you, by the way," she stated, "I never made you look stupid. But if you will look behind you, you're looking pretty stupid and I had nothing to do with it." All of my coworkers were all men, and they thought they were coming to break for a surprise party for me. Instead, they all got to hear what I had done, and they got to see the girl I was crazy about tell me she was done and that she hoped I had to sleep in the dumpster since I had no home anymore. I learned my lesson and will never wear boots with sayings on them again. By the way, the girl I was playing around with ended up living in a travel trailer in her mom's back yard due to the drugs. My mother is not allowed to come near my home, and my girl is now my wife. Guys, if you're serious, no matter what, don't do it. The price is way high for a few nights of fun. My wife says my mom and my ex-girlfriend thought they were playing checkers and we were playing chess. See, I kept the smart one, guys.

— Jerome, 24

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