Locker Rooms

I experienced my first bisexual encounter this summer at a local gym. After working out and swimming, I decided to go into the steam room; the sign said please keep a towel on, so I obeyed the rules. I walked into the room and saw about five hot guys in their mid twenties just sitting on their towels and fully exposing themselves. I sat across from them with another man in his late thirties. I kept on staring at them and I knew they saw me catch a peek. Within seconds, I was excited. The man sitting next to me saw and so did the others. One of the guys across the room told me to drop my towel as he wanted to see. I did, getting really sexually charged. Before I knew it, the man sitting next to me was giving me oral and the others came closer. I gave all of them oral and each of them had sex with me. Damn. It was amazing having all these muscular studs doing me. We all went to the group shower and we did it even more. Best thing of my life. I am no bisexual, but I keep in close contact with the six guys involved. Let's just say we have fun every other weekend!

— Asher, 19

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