Teachers Pet

When I say teachers pet, I don't mean she liked me more than the other students; I was her sex pet. She once caught me cheating on a state test and if I got turned in, I would have to be set back one grade. She stopped me on my way out of her class and told me to come to her classroom after school. I came in to find her sitting at her desk. She turned and looked at me with a very angry look. She told me that she was going to turn me in and that she had proof I had cheated. I begged her not to, but she was dead set on my being set back. I begged harder, promising to do anything not to be set back. She told me to do as she said without hesitation and I agreed. She had me give her oral right there in the classroom. Before I left, she handed me her white panties and told me to wear them the next day, and that she would make me prove I was wearing them. The next day, I wore them and she kept looking at me and smiling all the time I was in her class. She told me to come to her room at lunch time. When I came back, she told me to show her the panties. As I dropped my pants, one of the girls from the class popped in the door that the teacher had forgotten to lock. Beth became involved in my punishment and loved seeing me humiliated by the teacher. One day, Beth begged the teacher to allow her to paddle me with just panties on. The teacher said okay, as if it were just a game. I had to strip and bend over the desk and before long I was crying from the burning pain. I am now in college and Beth is in two of my classes. She often orders me to her apartment for some fun (fun for her). About once a year, the teacher comes to town and spends the night while several of Beth's friends watch and play along at times. They are watching me confess this to you all. I am wearing pink panties and matching bra set with a short top on me.

— Rob, 21

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