I have been married for about a year and a half. Before that, my wife (at the time my fiancé) worked at the same place. There were plenty of pretty women to look at. There was always this one blonde who I thought was too hot to not talk to. We went out with a bunch of other co-workers one day for happy hour. We did not stay too long, but after it was over, she insisted on driving me to my car. I thought okay, what the hell? I confessed that I had noticed her about a month ago but never knew how to introduce myself. She admitted to the same thing. We went over our stories and thought we could make a go of it. Before anything went any further, I mentioned to her that I had to tell her something which might make or break up any further meetings. I have no problems being honest, so I told her I was getting married in eight days. We never did anything else but talk until I left work for marriage preparations and the honeymoon. When I returned from the honeymoon, we talked as usual and the sexual frustration was unbelievable. I made up some excuse to buy me some time from going straight home. We got a room and had greatest sex to date for me. She now lives in another state, but we talk from time to time and plan on setting up another date and catching up on old times.

— Stan, 33

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