Sex With Rock N Roller

When in my twenties, I was a drummer in a rock band that traveled around the Midwest States. While playing each night, we all were looking for a lady to hook up with for that evening. After playing a place for two weeks, we got to know the waitresses there really well. Our last night, the lead guitarist and I took one waitress home, but we were delayed a good while. We both were taking off her clothes while we were driving. She was a beautiful 5ft 6inch blond with 38DD bust and great legs. We drove around playing with her for thirty minutes. We pulled into an apartment complex parking lot and parked in the darkest corner. I got oral while my buddy had sex. We changed ends and I had sex while he got oral. Over the next hour we both made love to her several times. We cleaned up and continued to take her home. We all had said that we wished we hadn't waited till our last night to live our fantasy! We could have been doing this for two weeks. Wow!

— Owen, 55

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