My wife (Asian) and I (White) are in our fifties and have been married for thirty-one years. After a long monogamous marriage, we talked about spicing up our sex life and the possibility of same-room swinging. After a year of discussing it, we finally joined a site to meet other couples like us. The swinging did boost our lust for sex and for each other. However, I found that my turn-on was watching my wife as she was having sex with the other husband. The site we joined also had a pool of single men looking to hook up with couples. I suggested to my wife that we try a male, female, male (MFM) threesome. She agreed without hesitation and eventually we screened several men. She chose a forty-eight year old white guy. We set up a date at a local hotel. After some small talk in the room and some red wine, I got the ball rolling by kissing my wife and unbuttoning her blouse, saying, "I think you and Gabe should get to know each other better." Gabe took the hint and took over undressing my wife. She also got into it and reached for his zipper. He guided her to the bed and I saw how she surrendered to him. He was forceful and she loved it. It was an unbelievable turn-on to see my tiny Asian wife being used for another man's pleasure. At one point when Gabe was pleasuring her, she called me over to join them. She was able to handle Gabe and me quite easily. We all experienced sexual satisfaction to it's fullest. We have done MFM threesomes several times since Gabe and we actually prefer it to traditional swinging.

— Steve, 53

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