Panty Raid

I have raided the panty drawers of every woman I can. I was caught by one woman who lives a few blocks over. She said she knew I was taking her panties for a while and often wondered why. She demanded I unzip my jeans; I tried to say no, but she said she would call the cops. Between a rock and a hard place, I had no choice but to unzip and when I did, a great big smile came over her face because there I was with my pants down and in some purple satin panties with stars on them. "I knew it, you're a sissy! I knew you were wearing them!" She said I would need to take her punishment for what I had done. I agreed and she spanked me with my own belt and a paddle, over her knee and over her chair while she scolded me. It was very humiliating. I was in tears crying like a baby begging for her to stop. I did not think I would be able to sit for a week.

— Daryl, 26

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