My wife's mother passed away and her husband couldn't bear to go through her things to give to the local charity, so my wife told me to go to their house and pack up the stuff. My father-in-law went to the office and I started to empty the drawers. Her panties felt so nice in my hands that I held them up and realized they were my size (my wife's are very small), so I stripped down and put on a pair. They felt so good, I put on a bra; it was so sexy looking that I put on the garter belt and stockings. I felt like a woman, so I looked in the closet and found a ball gown and put it on. Now, I wanted to go all the way and sat at the dressing table and put on make up, not very well but my lips were red. I danced around the three way mirror and almost lost it with excitement. I did not hear my father-in-law come home and, as he watched me, he asked if I was enjoying myself. I was trembling and ashamed. He told me to stand up and turn around to see how pretty I looked, and then he took me in his arms and kissed me. He said he didn't have sex since his wife died eight months ago; he told me since I looked female, I should act like one. He unzipped and dropped his pants, then took off his shirt and stood in his shorts. He unzipped my dress and I pleasured him orally. When we were done, I rolled over and he kissed me again. He said that this will continue. I didn't pack up all the clothes, but left some that he wanted to see me in again.

— Ron, 60

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