Spicing It Up

My wife is a very beautiful woman, buxom blonde with very large breasts and a very pretty face. After talking it over, we decided that we would enjoy adding a little spice in our life by swapping with other couples. We also enjoyed just having a few extra men for her to see how she could "handle" them. She has this insatiable thirst and loves servicing men, and I enjoy seeing her have a good time. On one occasion, we decided to push the limit and we had an invitation only evening with a bunch of single men designed to see just how hungry she was. We rented a hotel room and after a lot of planning, agreed on twenty younger men all under thirty, even though she was in her early forties. After about five hours of continuous action, the evening was finally over. She has never done anything that big since, but has often talked about maybe trying again.

— Victor, 48

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