My New Life At Home

My wife has taken over our marriage. I normally get home from work an hour earlier than her and I am expected to change out my suit for a skirt. I would already have on panties, garter belt, stockings, and a bra. I have to take my suit off, slip into a nice skirt and silky top, and some nice three inch pumps. When she gets home, she plops into my old lazy chair and I am to bring her a glass of wine. I then have to kneel at her feet and massage them; I work my way up to her waist and she stops me. She then puts lipstick on me; usually very glossy red or pink. Then, I am told to get back to work. I massage her through her jeans. She then plays the man in the relationship and I have to service her until she is done with her wine. I am stopped only to refill her glass with wine. After that I am ordered to finish what I started and I go back to work on it. She calls me a good girl while she sips her wine. When she is happy, I am pushed back and made to lean over the couch. She then calls me a sissy girl and has sex with me like I am a woman. I love my wife so much for this; my life has never been so awesome. It might sound silly, but I love being a girl for my wife! I love the lingerie she buys me and I love wearing it secretly to work everyday.

— Roger, 31

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