I was at home alone one day and the family had gone to a movie. I did not go because I had a virus. I walked around the house and decided to go into my sister's room and look at her panties. I opened the drawer and there were some sexy pink bikini panties and a rainbow of other colors. I picked out a red pair that had fringe on the butt and a big ribbon bow in the front. I played with them long enough to make a mess on her pillow. I took off the case and got a clean one and put it on the pillow. About two hours later, everyone came home and was busy telling me about the movie, but I did not care about the silly movie. Two days later, mom and dad went to visit my aunt, leaving my big sister Sherry to be in charge. Sherry told me to come to the family room to see a film she made about a guy she knows. You guessed it; the guy was me in her red panties. I ran to take out the tape, but she said she had more so I could have that one. She told me that she had one with a friend that would send it out to some of my mates if I did not do as I was told. I was told to put on some of her white cotton panties and a silly gray dress that was so short that if I leaned over slightly, the panties showed. I was then ordered to clean her room while she watched and took pictures. Every time I bent over, she snapped a picture. I spent the whole summer being her maid every time the family went somewhere. Sherry also sent me to feed some fish for her friend when her family went to Ohio and Sherry agreed to take care of the fish. I was told to bring back a sexy pair of her friend's dirty panties. Then, I became her friend's slave girl also. I am still doing their bidding.

— Elliot, 23

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