Moving Mother-In-Law

It was 1973 and had been volunteered by my wife to drive her mother across country to California where she was moving. She was recently divorced from my father-in-law after an affair. I had actually confronted her about the affair, before anyone else did. She did not deny and told me that some day I would do the same and asked that I not tell. I agreed and she gave me a kiss that was not a mother-in-law kiss. But, it ended there. During the drive, we actually were having a good time; we always got along and I was surprised how easy it was talking to her. The first night we stopped, we had separate rooms and were beat, so went to bed. The next night, we shared a room, but had separate beds. We went out, had dinner and drinks, and had a good time, but nothing more. When we got to California the next day, she wanted to celebrate her new freedom and we went out. Too many drinks later and we became very friendly. By the time we got back to the hotel that night, there was no stopping things. I was twenty-two at the time and she was forty-five; it was and still is the greatest sex I have ever had and it lasted for two days before I left. We never had sex again, but that one weekend was something I will never forget.

— Daniel, 59

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