Sex With Married Coworker

About six months ago, I started flirting with a coworker. She is Asian, petite and skinny, but cute. She's five years younger than me and married. She was always telling me about all the things that weren't going well in her marriage, so I knew I had a chance. After a few weeks of emailing and chatting, we started going out for about an hour after work almost every day. At first, we would just sit in my car and talk. Day after day, I made a slow extra move until kissing was fine with her. She finally confessed that she hadn't had sex with her husband for quite a long time. After this, she allowed me to start touching her and a few days later, she would sit on top of me while both of us were fully clothed, which was a new and exciting experience for me. We finally went all the way and she turned to be the most excitable woman I've ever been with. She is willing to try all kinds of stuff and sometimes I feel like I'm the shy one. I had never had sex with an Asian girl or a married woman. It's the best sex I've ever experienced.

— Alec, 41

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