In-House Cross-Dresser

I was born, and still have, male boobs, called Gynecomastia. They are not real big, but I was always ashamed to go shirtless. I put my mom's bra on when I was younger and I was hooked. I got my own, and panties, and have cross-dressed ever since. My Asian wife had 34-Bs. I put her bras and panties on. She divorced me when she caught me. I have cross-dressed for years now that I live alone, and love doing it. I'm "dressed up" typing this. Blue bra, pads to fill out the 38-C cups, panties, black fishnets, and a sexy blue babydoll. I wish my ex-wife could see me "dressed up" as I am right now!! The more I see the female breast, the more I wish I had them; size 38-Cs to fill out my sexy bras. But I'd have to live as a "He-She" and I couldn't do that. So, I'll just have to continue to be an "In-House Cross-dresser" and enjoy it!!

— Warren, 68

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