Home On Leave

When Dad married my stepmother, she had two daughters older than me. By the time I graduated from high school, both stepsisters were on their own. I joined the service. After two years, I was home on leave for two weeks. I always thought my stepsisters were quite sexy the way they always dressed. During my first days home, I called my stepsisters. Lisa, the oldest, who I always thought was the sexiest, asked me to stop by the next evening. Upon arriving, she welcomed me with a big kiss. It was soon more than a sisterly kiss. I was immediately aroused as she had on a tight mini skirt and very revealing blouse. We sat on the sofa and talked, but that soon turned to sex. She leaned over to kiss me. I pulled her across my lap as we kissed. We both undressed going in her bedroom. After some oral foreplay, she was on me. By the next morning, we had made love five times. When I went home the next morning, my step-mom asked if my sister had been nice to me. I gave her a big hug, kissed her as I slapped her ass, and told her I would love to show her what we had done. She answered, "Let me think about it for a day."

— Tim, 28

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