Hotel Liaison

I was driving through Memphis about five years ago and decided to tour Graceland. I got there too late in the evening, so I decided to spend the night and do the tour the next day. All the hotels close by were at least $75.00 per night, but I finally found one a few blocks away for less than half that. When I got to my room, I noticed it was quite large, so when I phoned the desk to inquire about ice, I jokingly told the desk girl that if any good looking females showed up looking for a room, to send them up to share mine. About ten minutes later, the desk girl called back to ask if I was serious. I said yes, and she said someone would be right up. When I answered the door, there was the house maid. She was a gorgeous black woman with a great smile. So, I invited her in. She asked me to mix her a drink. After I gave it to her, I sat next to her on the bed and put my arm around her. I asked if that was okay. She said, "Well, your arm's there isn't it?" So, next I reached up a little further and cupped her breast and asked if that was okay. She said, "Well, your hand's there isn't it?" She then said it would be $30.00 to go further. Well, I have never paid for sex up front before, but decided the hell with it. I got the money out of my billfold and proceeded to undress her. I commented on how nice of a body she had, and she said, "I know it!" So, I really got into it then. But just like in the movie "Pretty Woman", she wouldn't let me kiss her on the mouth. So, I chewed on her ears instead, which really got her hot! By the time we finished, we were both ready for another drink. We got dressed, had a quick drink, then off she went. I then called and thanked the desk girl for the hospitality! If I ever get to Memphis again, I'm definitely going back to that motel!

— Kurt, 32

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