The Girlfriend's Mom

I am a twenty-year-old male, and my girlfriend is nineteen. But, my confession involves her mother. Debbie is forty-one but looks several years younger. She is really hot. That is the only way to describe her. One time we were playing a board game, and Debbie started to rub her leg up against mine under the table. When I looked at her, she smiled and licked her lips. I was nervous, but I have to admit I was really enjoying it. Later, while my girlfriend was in another part of the house, Debbie pressed up against me. She told me to call her the next day at her work, and she slipped me her work phone number. Who was I to argue? I called her the next day, and she told me when to come over to her home. She had selected a time when she knew we would be alone. At the appointed time I rang the bell, and Debbie met me at the door wearing some extremely short-shorts and a form-fitting top. I guess I knew what to expect, but I was still surprised when she started kissing me as soon as the door closed. Pretty soon her hands were undoing my belt, and I slipped my hand under her shorts. I undid her shorts and let them drop to the floor. Then my own pants slid to the floor and I stepped out of them. At this point, nothing could have stopped me. Fortunately, Debbie had no intentions of stopping. We had mind-bending sex right there on the carpet. Debbie was flushed red, breathing hard, and shaking as we joined together. Afterwards, we finally made it to her bed and we did it again. I realize that I am living every guy's fantasy, but Debbie is just an awesome woman. She even does things to get her daughter out of the house so that we can be together.

— Ryan, 20

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