Wife Caught Me

My confession is very similar to others I have read on here. My wife came home and caught me wearing her bra and panties. I was playing with myself. She was furious when she caught me and since then, my life is different. Several weeks went by where she did not understand and wondered about my sexuality. Then, one day I came home and was ordered by her to shower. After the shower, I was handed some female things to put on and I tried to refuse. I was regretting being caught and I tried to deny and refuse the need to do these things. This only made her mad. She pushed me over the bed and spanked me. She was calling me things like sissy, panty boy, and a few others that may be too vulgar for here. After she was satisfied, I was again ordered to get dressed. I put the bra on, then the garterbelt and stockings, and then she handed me matching panties. After that, came a pink glossy skirt and white high heels. She made fun of me as I tried to walk in the heels. She said, "Walk to the kitchen and get me a drink, you sissy." I felt so humiliated, but at the same time, I was very excited. I could not hide my excitement from her and she laughed at me. Since then, I have not worn a pair of men's underwear; she threw all of them away. I wear panties every day to work or where ever we might go. Sometimes, I am wearing control top pantyhose. If we swim in our pool, she makes me wear a pink floral one piece swim suit or a yellow floral bikini. It is a very humiliating life now and she controls every aspect of it. I am spanked often and most of her female friends know all about it. I tried to buy men's underwear last year and she made me cut them up and toss them away. She said there are no men in our house; there is a woman and a big sissy panty boy. Last night, she dressed me in heels, panties, and a pink maid's outfit. I know it's humiliating, but I love her so much more for it and I would not trade it for anything.

— Kevin, 38

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