Curious Friend

When I was in school, a friend and I would meet at the bus stop. One day, he asked if I wanted to cut school and hang out at his apartment because his mom had gone to work. After hanging for a while and looking at some porn books, my friend said that he couldn't believe that guys were gay with all of the hot women available like the ones in the magazines. Well, I told him that I was pretty horny and if he was dressed sexy like the girls in the magazine, I would probably have sex with him. I had thought it was a joke and forgot about it. After about ten minutes, he excused himself and went into a bedroom. When he came out, he was dressed in some of his mom's clothes including pantyhose, skirt, blouse, and makeup. Nothing was said; I just took his hand and guided him back into the bedroom. He obviously wanted to try it. It was always uncomfortable at the bus stop after that and we ended up drifting apart and never talking again.

— Craig, 47

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