Catching Up

I was catching up with my college buddy Nick, who I hadn't seen in years, over dinner one night. I asked him why he had never gotten married. He blew me away when he told me that he was bisexual and that getting married with put an end to that. I had always known Nick to be a good looking guy with lots of luck with the ladies, but never considered him a "man's man" as well. I was blown away by his confession, but also somewhat aroused. I revealed to Nick that I had fantasized about giving him oral many times while pleasuring myself, but never thought he would be willing. His eyes lit up, and we quickly finished dinner. We went back to my hotel room and couldn't get our clothes off fast enough. We took a shower together and were making out like crazy. Afterward, we got out, dried off, and I attacked Nick like a sex starved animal, giving my first oral of a guy ever. We spent the night having all kinds of sex. What an evening!

— Wyatt, 49

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