It Was Amazing

I am a twenty-three year old single male that up until two hours ago had an unfulfilled fantasy of sleeping with a much older married woman. I have always been turned on whenever I would see an attractive fifty-something woman that was nicely dressed, especially if she was with her fat, balding husband. The thought of having sex with another man's wife drives me mad. I have tried before to strike up conversations or flirt, but without any luck. Today however, was my lucky day. I waited on Darlene at the restaurant where I work, started a conversation and with a lot of encouragement, ended up back here in my apartment a couple of hours later. She is fifty-six years old and has been married for thirty-four years. I got so excited when we finally started touching and kissing and she began telling me about how her husband is impotent and hasn't touched her in years. Darlene is tall and rather heavy, has short silver hair, wears glasses, and had on a grey skirt and a partially unbuttoned purple blouse that did a poor job of hiding her very large breasts. At one point, we were sitting on my couch and I was giving her enormous chest some attention when she confessed that lately she often daydreamed about having sex with a younger man and that she never believed it would happen. She was shaking with excitement. When I began giving her oral, I thought she was going to die. She was told me that no one had ever done that to her before. We finished in my bed and that is where she is now napping. It was way better than I ever could have imagined.

— Tucker, 23

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