An Enchanted Moment

Last night, my wife and I went out to a town party. They block off the main street through town and every year, people go from bar to bar drinking and partying and enjoying the music. While at this one bar, one of the most unexpected and pleasurable things happened to me. The place was so crowded, so my wife told me to put my barstool behind hers to make room for people to get to the bar for their orders. So, there I was, facing her backside with my beer in hand having a good time. To our right, my wife and I were laughing and talking to a friendly couple that had made our acquaintance while they were waiting for their drinks, while on the other side of us there was another line filled with young college student girls ordering and waiting for their drinks. With all the confusion and talking and music playing loudly, I suddenly felt a firm warm thigh and butt pressing against my left leg from one of the cute student girls that had pressed in against me. She was talking and laughing with her friends and all the while rubbing her warm butt and leg firmly over mine. At first, I thought she was doing it unconsciously, but quickly realized that she knew exactly what she was doing. Before long, her constant and discrete body movement gave her attentions away that she was being bad. I felt guilty, but at the same time extremely excited at what she was doing to me. I began to play along and kept her little secret game going by pretending my attention was fixed away from her and on talking and listening to what my wife and newly found friends were trying to say. Before long, I eagerly responded to her with my leg by sliding it slowly up and down the backside of her thigh, and a few times gently but firmly lifting her tight little rump with the side of my knee and hold the pressure there for a moment. When I did, she willingly responded back pressing her butt into my knee so that I could feel her soft, heated forbidden parts. She slowly embraced the calf of my leg with her foot as if to say she wanted more of the same. What she did next made me super excited and I so had to scoot up closer to the back of my wife's stool to shadow it. The young girl then took her foot and lower part of her leg and gently would wrap it around mine as far as it could go, and then slowly retracted it which sent Goosebumps up my spin. She continued grinding her backside into me while all along putting up a front that she was dancing to the music in a crowded room. We became like a couple of matting crickets in heat and slowly we caressed one another into submission. We both had a very sexy and intimate encounter for nearly fifteen short minutes until the crowd began to separate and expose our privacy. When she was leaving in the crowd with her friends, she turned and managed a naughty way to brush her hand across the top of my thigh as if to say, "See ya," and at the same time give me a little wink and a smile. She had me so turned on that all I could think about was her while making love to my wife later that night. Afterwards, my wife commented that it was the best sex we had had for quite some time and wondered what had came over me. Should I tell her?

— Steven, 59

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