Wife Loves To Tease

My hot wife Emily dated my best friend Dave in high school before we got together. She chose me over him, but always enjoyed teasing him whenever the occasion developed. After we were married, It drove her wild to talk about it while we made love. I would always encourage her because of the great sex that resulted. Dave married, but our mutual friendship continued on and he spent much time at our house as we both worked shift work. One sweltering hot summer day, Dave and his wife Denise were moving into a larger apartment with the arrival of their first child. Emily and I offered to help. Dave swung by and picked us up and all three of us drove in the rental truck. Emily wore cut off Daisy Dukes and was bra-less under a sheer low cut top with straps tied behind her neck. The ride in the truck was pretty hot and rough, but Dave and I didn't mind as we couldn't keep our eyes off Emily's chest as she bounced and swayed. It was driving Dave crazy and as usual, and he commented how hot Emily was and how she should have chosen him over me. I just laughed, knowing that the more he said the better sex I got. We got to their new apartment and the ladies did all the light packing and unpacking while Dave and I handled the big stuff. We finished up and Dave drove us home while his pregnant wife went to take a nap. We invited him in at our house for a drink. I popped open beers for Dave and I and made Emily her usual drink, but with a little extra liquor. Soon the conversation got around to the truck ride and Emily. I mentioned how good Denise's breasts looked now as her pregnancy progressed. Dave just complained that it doesn't do him any good as they stopped having sex months ago. I told Dave he was going to be in for a true delight as soon as the baby arrives. He didn't believe me and I decided to show him. With Dave sitting on the sofa on the other side of the room, I stood up behind Emily and kissed her neck. She mildly protested, but I whispered in her ear, "You know you want to do this," and she silently nodded her head yes. What followed was an afternoon of hot threesome sex. When we were finished, Dave started hunting around the bedroom floor for his clothes and said he had to hurry home. Emily leaned down and being the brat she is, gave me a kiss and told me she had just had the best sex of her life. Needless to say, it was hard to keep Dave away from our house for the next year.

— Kurt, 27

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