Mum's Underskirt

The first time I wore an underskirt was when I was young; it was one of my mum's. I saw it lying on the bed and rubbed it with my hand; it felt soft. I took off my trousers and shirt, but kept my underpants on. Then, I slipped it on. It was white with lace at the hem and had ribbon shoulder straps. I started to play with myself; it felt nice. All I wanted to do was to wear the underskirt in bed, but I didn't get that chance until I got a bit older. I was in the toilet and opened the laundry hamper to see one of my mum's long waist underskirts; pink with white lace at the hem. I ran to my bedroom, pulled it on over my underpants, and played with myself for an hour before falling asleep still wearing the underskirt. I woke at six thirty and found I was still in the underskirt. I took it off and put it back in the laundry hamper. I sill like the feel of underskirts; I have tried on my wife's, but won't forget how it felt wearing my mum's.

— Lance, 32

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