Cheating Wife

My wife found a pair of panties in my dresser and they were not hers. She thinks I was cheating. I tried to convince her they were mine; she was not buying it, but they really were. She now cheats right in-front of me. She ties me into a chair while I am wearing a matching bra and panty set. She then puts her panties over my head; they fit nice and snug. If she wants me to see, she puts the crotch right over my nose. If she doesn't want me to see, she pulls them further so the rear of her panties covers my whole face. She makes love to her stud while I am right there. Friday, she pulled the panties to cover my whole face and I heard them coming near me. I did what they seemed to expect; I pleasured her lover. Once I started, my wife said, "Wow, he's is good at that!" and pulled the panties back a little so she could have a view of what I was doing. I did not try to stop; I was enjoying it. They make me do that on a regular basis now and I have grown to love it.

— Alex, 25

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