The Lucky One

I asked my wife to become my mistress and she accepted! She controls all the money and has final authority on all decisions. She has named me her sissy and dresses me in panties whenever she wants. I obey her every command and she has me punished for disobedience. She has turned my butt bright red on several occasions and taken pictures to remind me who is in charge. I now cook, clean, and change diapers without any back talk. I am having a great time as her slave and really, really appreciate how lucky I am to bow at her feet and walk on her leash. Every guy should ask their girl to enslave them; it's awesome. Ladies, just remember that sex between a man and a woman is not gay no matter who is being the submissive one. I found a poll online that had a couple of hundred guys respond and all of them wanted to be their girl's slave and none of them where lucky enough to have a girl willing to be treated as queen and supreme ruler. I am the lucky one.

— Bill, 35

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