Maid For Fun

I use to travel quite a bit for my job and spend many nights in hotels. I always sleep in the nude and am a very restless sleeper, so many mornings I find myself without covers as I have kicked them off the bed. One morning, I was awakened by the opening of my hotel room door by the maid. I was still a little groggy and didn't immediately realize that I was there in all my glory on the bed with a very noticeable "morning glory." It was too late to cover up, so I pretended to still be asleep as she entered my room. Peeking through my eye lids, I saw her turn the corner and see me stretched out on the bed, naked. She gasped and stared for a second, and then left the room. I was a little worried she had gone to get security, but seconds later the door opened again. I remained motionless. I looked through a crack in my eye lids to see she had brought two other maids in the room to see what she had found. They all stood there with smiles on their faces staring at my naked body. The first maid walked over to the bed and reached her hand close to me. The other two giggled and dared her to touch me. She reached out with her index finger and gently touched me. They waited to make sure I was still asleep and she touched me again. They seemed to feel assured by this point I was a deep sleeper and it was safe. The next thing I saw was one of the other girls pulling out her cell phone to take a picture. The one beside the bed sat down beside me and put he face beside my manhood and her friend took several pictures. At that point, they decided to leave. I was so disappointed, but very excited and started to pleasure myself. I didn't realize they had not shut the door and had not noticed the original maid standing watching me. I could not stop as I was so turned on and gave her a full show. When I was done, she left the room with a smile on her face and didn't come back. I checked out that day and never saw her again.

— Mike, 34

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