I made a decision about two years ago to only date married women over forty-five. At first, I dated a couple of married ladies that I met at work, or wives of guys I worked with, and that didn't feel right. I decided I would only pick up women that I had never met before. I've always been a statistic junky and from early on, I kept detailed track of my activities. I now have eighteen months of data. The bottom line is that I have slept with seven married woman over forty-five years old, three over fifty, and two over fifty-five in that time. Six of the women were married over twenty years, three over twenty-five years, two over thirty years, and one for thirty-six years. Eight of them I saw multiple times, and two of them I still see regularly. Six of them I approached at a grocery store, three at a shopping mall, and two at a health club. I approached 3,216 women, of those I asked out 1112, of those 98 said yes, and of those I went out with fifty-two. I had multiple dates and all of the fifty-two had some physical contact; kissing, fondling, etc. With twelve of those fifty-two, I had sexual intercourse. I've tried to create a composite of my ideal woman to approach, and from my data here are the common physical traits of the twelve I had sex with. They all had larger than average breasts (two way above average) and they weren't shy about showing their cleavage. All twelve were dressed very nicely; skirts or nice slacks and low cut or open buttoned blouses. They would all be considered slightly overweight or chubby. Ten of the twelve had very short, stylish hair. Eleven of them were in their one and only marriage and the other one was in her third marriage. Six of the ladies confessed to me that at some point in past few years, they had fantasized about being with a much younger man. They all agreed that all men would stare or flirt with them when they displayed their cleavage. None of the twelve worked; their husbands took care of them. Four of the women confided in me that I wasn't their first affair; eight wanted to have me make love to them in their own bed. Four of them were absolutely amazing love partners. The oldest was fifty-eight and she is a very active lover. I still see her a couple of times a month.

— Roy, 28

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