My Sister's Panties

I was younger when I was caught by my dad wearing a pair of my sister's panties. They were a white nylon brief with ruffles across the butt. He made me stand in the middle of the room and called my mom and sister to come in. I was crying, asking him not to do this, but he continued. When they were there, he told them I had something to show them and made me take off all my clothes except the panties. He made me wear them all day until I went to bed. I had to be their maid that day; washing dishes, making the bed, doing the laundry, etc. I wanted to wear them to bed, but he made me take them off and give them to my sister. The best was yet to come. After the folks were asleep, my sister came in and said it was ok if I wore her panties, but she would be the one to pick them out. I just had to let her know and I would find a pair laid out for me on her bed. It was the beginning of an awesome experience.

— Jon, 62

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