Where Is It Leading?

I am a sixty-five year old retired man, married thirty-one years to a very attractive but conservative lady of sixty and the father of two adult sons. As might be expected with years and age, our sex life has dwindled, especially since my wife developed neurological back problems. I have always remained faithful and have no reason to believe that she has not. About a month ago, I started working part-time as a cashier for a retail store. My supervisor, who is also the assistant store manager, is a very attractive vivacious young woman in her early thirties at most. We hit it off instantly. Perhaps too well. Whenever we see each other, her eyes sparkle as she looks me straight in the face with a warm smile on her face. Sometimes, I catch her glancing over her shoulder in my direction as she walks past me at the cash register. At other times, she unexpectedly shows up at my register to assist me with the bagging as I ring up the sales. Whenever I need assistance, since I am still in training, she is there right away. I have always worn my wedding ring and frequently discuss my family matters, especially my upcoming grandchild. We joke and kid around a lot, almost flirtatiously at times. I have to confess that I enjoy her vibrant presence while she appears to enjoy something in my personality. However I also worry where this friendship is leading both of us since I have strong feelings regarding marital fidelity. She is a sweet young thing and I would hate to see her hurt. Naturally I want to protect my job as well. I realize that there are many men who would wish that they had my problem.

— Eric, 65

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