Hot Vegas Nights

Last year my beautiful Filipina wife and I won a trip to Vegas for seven days and six nights. We have a close friend who is single and we thought it would be a good chance for him to have some fun and maybe hook up with someone. To save on money, we decided to share the room, which turned out to be frustrating because my wife and I weren't able to have sex. On the third night, we went to a show together, after which the three of us returned to the hotel a bit tipsy. My wife laid in my arms on our bed as he laid on his. We were both excited and I couldn't help but hold her while the three of us talked. Pretty soon, the conversation turned to sex and our friend confessed that he wanted some as well as he hadn't had any for several months. My wife asked him about his last partner and what she liked. I started talking about what my wife likes. As we talked, without a thought, I kept touching her. She kept wriggling in my arms and I knew she was getting very excited. My friend was obviously excited too. He asked if we had ever done anything crazy and we responded no, but my wife, teasing me, told him that it was my fantasy to try a threesome. He mentioned that he had always wanted to as well. After a little more talk, my wife took my hand and put it where she wanted it. My friend then said that we were really frustrating him, and that he could leave us for a while, or stay; it was up to us. I responded that it was up to my wife and she said that she didn't care either way, but someone needed to make up their mind. My friend helped me undress her and we had our threesome. We spent most of the following day in the room, and were up late having incredible sex the remaining nights. On the last day, though sore, we almost missed the checkout and the plane as both of us spent one last time having sex as a threesome with my incredible wife.

— Kevin, 40

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