She Likes The Money

My wife Fiona and I have been married sixteen years. I have a great job in sales and Fiona is a stay at home mom. The first ten years of marriage, our love making was always predictable, straight forward, and infrequent. I married Fiona because she was a "good" girl and she was a bit of a prude. That all started to change about six years ago when I was clothes shopping with her to find something for her to wear to my company's award banquet. I picked out a fairly provocative outfit; low cut, sexy, tight, high heels, etc. She said she wouldn't be caught dead wearing something so slutty. I don't know why, but I said, "How about for one hundred dollars?" She just looked at me and said, "Two hundred, and it's a deal!" Fiona went to the banquet with exposed cleavage, a pronounced rear end, and killer high heels. That was the start of her sexual transformation. On the way home, she confessed to being amazed and flattered by all the attention she had gotten. From then on, my fantasies were fulfilled at a price. One hundred dollars for oral sex, three hundred for anal sex, and twenty bucks for "special handling" in the car. I have paid her fifty dollars to wear slutty clothes to the supermarket or a restaurant and watch her flirt with random guys, and two hundred dollars to strip for me and my brother. My long time fantasy of watching her with another man was realized last year. It cost me a grand, but it was worth every penny. It sounds expensive, but it is cheaper in the long run than a girlfriend or divorce. Fiona gets some spending money and all my sexual dreams are fulfilled.

— Oliver, 42

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