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Add me to the list of guys wearing panties. I'm also enthusiastic about wearing them. I can remember going to shopping malls with my mom and sisters and being in the women's department; I was so curious about the panties because they were so soft and exotic compared to boring tighty whitey briefs or boring plaid cotton boxers. It wasn't until my senior year of high school that I dated a freshman in college who worked in lingerie. Joking one night, she expressed how she'd steal lots of panties by putting them on in layers under her skirts and then bring them home. One night she brought home three pairs for me and asked me to put them on. Once I did, I couldn't believe the comfort and fit. We had amazing sex that night and did for some time. Eventually, I began to wear them here and there and shared this experience with other girlfriends; each one I've shared it with has been excited and requests I wear them when we go out. They like me to flash or pleasure me in my panties while we're driving home; they said the idea of it was hot! I'm not into thongs, bras, lace, or pink/floral panties styles; but I really love nylon, micro-fiber bikinis, and hipsters. Black, gray, white, and beige are the colors I like. Don't knock it guys! Grab a pair or two and see what you like. Ask your girl about it; I bet you she'd be into it as well. I've been wearing them now for about ten years and I love them. Glad I made the switch from men's boring, constricting boxers and briefs.

— Vito, 28

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