Unfinished Business

There was a girl, a friend of a friend, that I hung out with occasionally during the first couple of years I was in college. We had a few classes together the last semester and began hanging out much more frequently. We started flirting regularly in spite of the fact that she had a serious boyfriend for about five years at the time. She was a hot, nice brunette with a petite frame. Her body was in great condition. Anyway, I graduated and saw her from time to time for the next couple of years. Then, a mutual friend got married about two years ago. She came to the wedding with her boyfriend. She looked piping hot. She had a couple of drinks and began to turn up the flirting to the point that it made me uncomfortable when her boyfriend was around. At one point on the dance floor, she even started grinding on me! The wedding reception was in the same building as the hotel. At one point, we gave each other a look and walked out to the lobby. She put her hands on my chest. I took her hands in mine and led her to my room. I locked the door and, a short while thereafter, about four years of pent-up sexual tension was put out on the bed once and for all. It was surreal. We put our clothes back on and went back down to the reception at different times, of course. To this day, it's our secret. Not even her best friend knows that we had sex. To both of us, it was inevitable and surely some unfinished business. Anyway, I went to her wedding last year. Yes, she married that guy, and they had a baby six months ago. I just got their Christmas card the other day, which made me think of this. Therefore, I write.

— Lawrence, 36

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