Alternative Underwear

The following account is the truth, and no mistake. First, let me state emphatically that I am heterosexual, period. Underwear is a big deal to me. I do not know why, really. It has been an interest of mine since my teens. I got married in 1966 at age 23 (still married to the same girl in 2010!). I don't remember what underwear I wore in those days, but it was probably 'normal' stuff. In 1974, my wife bought me some rather colorful bikini underwear; stripes, but no fly! It was men's underwear, but it was certainly 'cooler' than what I had been wearing. I liked what she bought me immediately and continued to opt for the colorful, no-fly bikini style into the '90's. Early on, however, I soon grew to dislike cotton underwear, period. Nylon was my absolute preference. I found many nylon bikini styles available for men, but not one of them felt as nice as the nylon that was available for women. The women's nylon was just slicker, smoother, and softer; I wanted it. In September of 1990, I saw an ad for panties with bright stripes and made from nylon in one of our local stores. I bought several pair for my wife. Her whole underwear (panties) wardrobe was getting rather seedy, and I frankly didn't like them. She loved the new panties I bought for her; she was a bit surprised! I have to say that at that time, I longed for the same fabric in my own underwear. In February of 1994, after looking at an ad for Valentine's Day underwear for both women and men, I complained rather loudly about the fact that the only 'special' underwear available for men was boxers (we hate boxers), while there were many cool examples (bikinis, etc) available in the women's department. My wife absolutely blew me away on that Valentine's Day. She presented me with two excellent pair of nylon panties (Hipsters)! Imagine my surprise, joy, and excitement! They were not special Valentine prints, but I didn't care! By the way, I will never forget the sensation of actually leaving the house for the first time wearing nylon panties instead of my usual stuff! Incredible! That was just the beginning of what I consider to be my 'emancipation', if you will, from 'dull' underwear. I have not worn 'men's' underwear (I don't even own any) in over sixteen years. I have some rather 'unisex' panties that I wear on doctor visits. I like to call my collection 'Alternative Underwear.' I do not have any ruffles in my collection; however, I am not afraid of any color or print. Real men can wear pink!!! Although I personally have bought the majority of my collection, my wife has surprised me with many new 'scanties' on special occasions — Christmas, Father's Day (really!), birthday, as well as Valentine's Day! My collection is made up of nylon, nylon/spandex, silk, and satin (as I said, I do not like cotton). The styles include Bikini, Hi-Cut, Hipster, String-Bikini, Brief and Thong. The bottom line (no pun intended!) for me in all this is tactile sensation. I just like the way this underwear feels. I don't want to be a woman. I don't want to look like a woman. I simply want to continue to enjoy my Alternative Underwear. It should go without saying that I am absolutely thankful for my very understanding wife. I'm a very lucky man!

— Dan, 66

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