She Told Me

My wife Jane is forty-two and we have been married for twenty years. I don't think she has ever been unfaithful to me until what happened last week. She came home from work and told me she had something awful to tell me. I first thought she had been laid-off or fired, but it was actually much worse than that. She had told me awhile ago there was a young guy Ken at work that flirted with her and told her what a great body she had. Jane is an attractive plus-sized, big breasted, large bottomed woman and if you like large woman you would like my wife. Jane told me that Ken followed her into the storeroom and tried to kiss her. She said she pushed him away, but he kept telling her how much he wanted her and that all he wanted was a kiss. She told me she wasn't sure why but in a moment of weakness she gave in and began kissing him back. She told me the next thing she knew was that Ken had his hands all over her and though she was fighting it she said she felt like her body was on fire. She confessed to having sex with him right there on the storeroom floor. She also confessed to being with him three more times that week and doesn't know what to do. She tells me she wants to stay married, but admitted that she can't promise to be faithful.

— Bill, 43

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