I am a single twenty-eight year old male and I am currently dating Amy. Amy is married and is fifty-three years old. I love the excitement of being with someone's wife. Amy has been married for twenty-nine years and I met her four months ago at the grocery store. She told me this is the only time she has cheated on her husband. I was attracted to her at first because she was wearing a very low cut blouse that revealed her amazing cleavage, a tight skirt, and high heels. She is a plus size woman and has short gray hair and wears glasses. I had dated older women before, but no one as old as her. I just went up to her and said, "You must hear this a lot, but your husband is a very lucky man." She laughed, and that broke the ice; we began chatting as we shopped. I asked her for her number after I helped her load her groceries and she gave it to me. She had a hard time believing a young man would be so interested in a much older woman. It took some patience and persistence, but I convinced her to go out with me and after three or four dates where we did little more than kiss, we ended up at my apartment. I had the best sex of my life. She was so into it! Her husband is either clueless or doesn't care, but we hook up at least two or three times a week.

— Jason, 28

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