Years Of Panties

Since I was young, I have worn panties. First my mom's and my sister's, then my first wife's. When I was a bit older, I showed my older brother that I was wearing my sister's undies after we got home from partying. I showed him, and then scampered away like a school girl to pleasure myself in private. Later that week, he confessed he wore undies all the time. Years later, I would completely dress up in my wife's panties, pantyhose, bras, and dresses to pleasure myself. I would walk near the windows so my neighbors could spy on me and see me completely dressed and wearing make-up. I have waist length hair and like to put it up in pigtails to frame my made-up face. I still check Laundromats and discount stores to get any panties I can. Forty plus years later, and with a different wife in a different town, I still dress up and we have fantastic sex this way; so long as I blindfold her first! I love to apply lipstick to myself as I'm breathing in her face, then put the same color on her; it's very hot. My current panties are a collection of years, including donations from my wife, sisters, neighbors, strangers (via Laundromat), various stores, sister-in-law, mother-in-law, daughter, and even pairs from the roadside. I always wear shorts and sandals all year, and sometimes I'll sit on the toilet in a public restroom, just so I can push my brightly colored panties down to my ankles in sight of restroom patrons.

— Grady, 55

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